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Library Reading Up is an international secondhand bookshop based in Costa Adeje, Tenerife, where we enjoy open views of the Atlantic Ocean and the warm neverending spring of the Canary Islands.
We are one of Tenerife’s best secondhand bookshop since 2013, with a good range of fiction, crime and adventures, science fiction and a wide list of biographies.
Browsing in our bookstore you can touch, smell and feel the ghosts of readers past, in the form of photos tucked between pages, notes penned in margins, romantic inscriptions, airlines boarding passes, postcards, shopping lists and, of course, bookmarks.
We currently have a general stock of around 5,000 titles divided in English, Italian, German, Spanish, French, Netherlands, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish and Russian.

About Secondhand

There can be many reasons to buy used books.
First of all, of course, the cost: the price is less than half of new books price.
Then they have that old book smell. Paper, ink and glue: nothing compares!
We think that e-books are great, but some books just have to be read the old fashioned way.
Moreover you never know who owned the book before you, which is kind of exciting, isn’t it?
Secondhand books are great for beach reading, airplane reading, and all sorts of other high-intensity holiday situation (e.g. relaxing by the swimming pool …) that would involve you in Tenerife!
And don’t forget: the greenest way to go is re-use.
So buy used books: they are totally eco-friendly!

Books Wanted!

Have you finished reading your book and does your luggage look overweight?

Two options: we accept donations from our blessing customers and we are very thankful to many persons for this; the other option is We buy yours. When buying we evaluate condition, inventory and re-selling opportunity then make you an offer, feel you free to accept or not.

Message in a book

Join our best readers’ selection! Every week they take a closer look at a couple of titles from our shelves. This titles are for sale, but be quick as we generally only have a single copy of each. See Readers’ Picks.



Library Reading Up secondhand bookshop is in Costa Adeje on the same peatonal street of the Casino, beside the H10 Gran Tinerfe Hotel. See Contact us for our location, opening times and other details.

More about us

Journalists and bloggers visit our bookshop and share with us their thoughts, like the italian blog Movetotenerife or the travel blog Stay. The canarian magazine Diario de Avisos wrote us an article and the romanian  blog Mazy share the story on how they met our bookshop.

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Library Reading Up! open
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